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# Biswas et al (2015) Genome-wide computational analysis of Musa Microsatellites: Classification, Cross-taxon Transferability, Functional annotation, association with Transposons and miRNAs, and Genetic marker potential. PlosOne

# 119540 Musa SSR markers now publicly available!

# Musa SNP markers database open !

# A genome specific SSR markers comming soon................!

# B genome specific SSR markers comming soon.................!

# 35136 Noverl Functional SSR markers now available !

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Welcome to Musa Marker Database

Musa is one of the economically important genera in the family Musaceae; it includes bananas and plantains. Due to nutritional benefit bananas and plantains become important parts of the daily human diet. Musa species are commercially cultivated around the world for food, fiber and ornamentals; unfortunately their production is not sufficient to meet the consumers’ demands. In addition natural disaster, stress, global climate changes and disease are threatened for banana production. It is obvious to introduce new high yielding, resistant variety for the banana industry. Genomic resources such as Molecular marker are important tools for the improvement of Musa species. Thus it is necessary to develop and maintain genomic resources and make it accessible for the Support of breeders and scientist working towards crop improvement. In view of this, Musa Marker Database has been developed.

Musa Marker Database is the first online molecular marker database for the improvement of family Musaceae, which present complete marker information to the plant breeders and researchers effort to create elite cultivars and improvement of Musa species. The database allows search and download genome wide molecular markers (SSR and SNP markers) of Musa according to different search criteria of marker characteristics. Primer sequences, functional annotations, Genomic position, transferability to other relatives and flanking sequences for all the markers have been provided.

Cite Us: Biswas et al (2016) MMdb-V1.0: Genomic resource for the improvement of family Musaceae.